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BCS Consulting Group LLC is a specialized professional consulting firm located in the Washington DC area with a depth of strategic, analytical and technical experience in Big Data, Cloud Computing, and Cyber Security domains. With a combined 70 years of industry know-how, we are skilled in the development and deployment of hadoop, cyber solutions, and cloud infrastructure for business and government. Strategy, by its very nature, is broad. Most clients understand how they define success, but are challenged to create and execute operational plans to meet their goals. That’s where BCS Consulting Group can assist. With a relentless focus on execution, we advance complex and technically difficult projects by offering insight on current technology and future trends; defining programs that deliver in the short- and long-term; and managing delivery throughout the development life-cycle.

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Big Data

Our core staff boasts an incomparable portfolio of customer focused strategic development and delivery of Big Data solutions and Business Intelligence using Hadoop, Spark, Splunk, Cloudera, and Oracle.

Cloud Computing

BCS-CG brings to bear the unique capability to deploy public, private, and hybrid clouds to our clients at all levels, from the technical and operations staff to the management, strategy, and executive teams with expertise in Google Cloud, AWS, and OpenStack.

Cyber Security

As systems, networks, and software expand in complexity, the need for seamless integration of threat hunting capabilities to defend the infrastructure continues to grow. Our consultants have proven track record of defending fortune 500 companies' infrastructure over the last decade.

Software Engineering

BCS-CG understands that our clients often have the need for hardware and software solutions which are either unavailable or not cost effective in the COTS marketplace. In these cases, a customized system solution is the only answer.


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BCS Consulting Group works with each client, understanding their specific requirements, and tailoring solutions to their needs.